Lestin Dumal

Imperial Diplomatic Problem Solver, possibly on vacation


The Dumal family is, to most, a small, old Dukedom on one of the darker edges of the Dragon Empire.

To those in-the-know, the Dumals are the Dragon Empire’s pre-eminent family of assassins, raised up to Dukedom centuries ago when Rena Dumal stopped a massive Lich King army by assassinating all six Commanders in a single evening. The Lich King, in response, cursed the newly-appointed Duchess’ lands to constantly seep an acidic goo.

The newly-formed Dumal family took the curse in stride, turning it into a fairly profitable source of alchemical sales.

Lestin’s siblings are all dead. Some (many) whisper he is responsible, in his family’s tradition, of defeating them to claim his title.

Whatever happened, and for whatever reason, the Last Duke of the Caustic Marsh is here, in Autumn.

Perhaps the Empire has dark deeds that need doing in this town.

Or maybe he’s just on vacation? That’d be nice, right?

Lestin Dumal

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