A town on the border of here and there.

The town of Autumn lies at the Empire’s edge, though which edge exactly is often up for debate. It borders many places, though the exact times, locations, and nature of these borders are subject to wild variances. Still, you can find your way there when you need to.

Though technically part of the Empire, Autumn is particularly diverse.

The Elefem (“High Elves”), a race far more attuned to Magic than Reality, find a peace in its odd uncertainties, and many live here alongside their nature-woven Elfen (“Wood Elves”) cousins — rare in most of the Known World. Towering spires and floating “castles” (a few mansions and a villa, truth be told) can be seen in the skies near Elfen forest-communities.

Several Dwarf families stake out small mines at the outskirts of town. Autumn’s history is full of tales of greedy miners bringing disaster by digging too deep or lusting too much. The Autumnal Underguild is very careful these days and invests a great deal each year hiring “specialists” to handle unearthed dangers.

A great many races live and work in the town’s many shops and nearby farms, of even more cultures. Even the histories of the long-lived Elefem cannot identify the true “native founders” of Autumn. Some argue Autumn has always been, while one Imperial Wizard Academy graduate thesis argues that Autumn exists both forward and backward through magictime from a single founding point somewhere in the middle of its history. It should be noted that the author was, while a skilled and insightful student, expelled for “Illegal Dorm Horticulture” before performing their thesis defense.

Autumn is often sought as a place for aging adventurers to retire. Many spend wealth they accumulated defending Autumn in their youth on hiring others to keep it safe.

Though small, Autumn is “a town of significant importance to the Empire”. As such it has been assigned an Imperial Sheriff. Sheriffs are powerful, mysterious figures who surrender their names and pasts to dedicate their lives to a community’s defense. In return they are granted rights and power (both legal and magical) to keep the Empire safe. The current Sheriff Autumn is more enigmatic than most, preferring clandestine meetings over regular office hours. Some in town aren’t sure if they even trust this Sheriff, binding Imperial Oath of Office or not.

Autumn really is a lovely town…

and constantly under some kind of terrible threat that requires a brave group of adventurers to defeat.

Defenders of Autumn

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