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    h2. A town on the border of here and there. The town of Autumn lies at the Empire's edge, though which edge exactly is often up for debate. It borders many places, though the exact times, locations, and nature of these borders are subject to wild …

  • Sheriff Autumn

    It's odd how well one can perform the duties of a Sheriff for a largeish town and still be something of a mystery to its residents. They keep no regular office hours, but residents seem to meet with their enforcer of Imperial Law and Safety when they need …

  • Deputy Gwin

    Gwin is a young wood elf Deputy of Autumn and, despite their age and inexperience, "Chosen of the Leaves of Autumn." Deputy Gwin is a "guest PC" character. She has been written up as a 2nd level Fighter for guest-player use.

  • Nilesperethiel

    Autumn has a small but proud library. Its lending section is full of histories, romantic fiction, heroic tales and reference books that members can take out. Membership involves an investment in the library, which can come in many forms, or long-term town …