"Fight me? I don't know about that, I've read a lot of books on the subject."


Autumn has a small but proud library. Its lending section is full of histories, romantic fiction, heroic tales and reference books that members can take out. Membership involves an investment in the library, which can come in many forms, or long-term town residence.

The library is tended by Nilesperethiel a (non-gendered) elf so dedicated to knowledge and its preservation that they wield both insight and power in its name. Each time the town library has come under threat, Nilesperethiel has faced down the danger and won through, more than once through the application of a sword combined with hundreds of years of reading anatomical notebooks.

Though many years old, Nils is quite young in appearance. Unlike many librarians, Nils is fairly expressive and outgoing — so much so they often end up rubbing people the wrong way.


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