Gnome Barbarian, wolf-rider and second-best farter in her tribe


Name: Gnaomi Gnomez
Player: Lex
Race: Gnome (of the Gnorth)
Class: Barbarian
Level: 2


Hit Points: 48
Initiative: +4
AC: 16
PD: 15
MD: 13
Recoveries: 8
Recovery Dice: 2d10+4

One Unique Thing
Second best farter in her tribe

Icon Relationships
The High Druid: +2
The Orc Lord: -1

Wolfrider of the Northern Hills: +5
Bodyguard for aristocratic children: +3

Class Features
Barbarian Rage (Daily, Recharge 14+, when raging roll 2d20 to attack, pick best. If both 11+ and one hits, hit is critical)

Barbaric Cleave (Once/battle free attack after dropping non-mook)
Building Frenzy (Build 1d4 bonus damage each miss)
Whirlwind (First action in a round, -4 AC & PD, attack all engaged enemies)

Barbarian Rage (Free rage at 4+ Escalation Die)
Toughness (+3 Hit Points)
Barbaric Cleave (+2 attack on Cleave attacks. If Cleave hits, you can heal using a recovery)

Racial Power
Small (+2 AC to Opportunity Attacks)
Confounding (Once/battle natural 16+, daze enemy until next turn)
Minor Illusion (Smell/Sounds)

Basic Melee Attack
+6 vs. AC, Hit: 2d10+4, Miss: 2 damage

Great Axe
Pupper – a young wolf “companion” that must “level up” before it becomes effective.
War Kazoo (strapped to axe)
Adventuring equipment
Nanny’s Eye Ring (Two interlocking rings. The wearer of one can close their eyes and “see” through the other within 100 feet. Quirk: You’re overly (and loudly) judgmental of others and their behavior)
25 gp

Incremental Advances
Hit Points (Now 48)
+1 Feat (Barbaric Cleave)


Hailing from the barren Gnorth, Gnaomi has traveled far; a strange thing for a Barbarian Gnome. Most stay with the tribe, defending their borders and tight-knit community. As Gnaomi is quick to grumble, there isn’t much to do in the Gnorth; just drinking, fighting and fucking. All fun things, but nothing that Gnaomi seems very gnostalgic about. Not only that but the Gnorth is just cold and rocks, a landscape this gnome feels no love for.

While with her tribe, Gnaomi was a wolf rider and trainer, training mounts for many respected fighters in the tribe. She also claimed the title of Second Best Farter in the tribe, which allows her to travel. The First Best Farter is obliged to stay and lend their skills to the tribe.

As much as Gnaomi grumbles about it, the Gnorth did hold the key to her heart. Gnaomi’s wife, Selena Gnomez, celebrated bard and considered truly beautiful to behold.


With Selena, Gnaomi was truly happy. Even in the harsh winter months, Gnaomi felt warm, all the way down to her toes. All she had to do was hold Selena’s hand.

The Gnomez’s were basically a power couple of the tribe and everyone rejoiced when they were expecting a baby. Blessed with a daughter, the two women were everything you could expect new parents to be; exhilarated, proud, terrified, exhausted and incredibly joyful. Their cave was always a place of warmth, full of singing and raucous laughter and this tiny babe was the bright heart of the cave and her mothers’ lives.

But alas.

It was not to be.

Gnaomi and Selena’s daughter passed away before her first birthday. This passing was not the result of Orcs, nor battle, nor natural disaster. There was nothing that either mother could have done. She simply slipped away one night in her sleep.

The bright heart in the cave winked out, and darkness fell. Both Gnaomi and Selena tried to be there for each other, to get through this darkness together. But it was falling apart. When Gnaomi held Selena’s hand now…all she felt was heartache.

Around the same time, Gnaomi had been training a rather troublesome wolf. She had adopted it a little too late, it had been too old to train properly. Gnaomi was forceful enough that she could usually handle it but one day, the wolf snapped and attacked Selena, biting her face and throat. Gnaomi leaped in to defend her wife, killing that wolf with her bare hands but it was too late. Selena’s vocal chords were badly damaged.

Gnaomi was gutted. Their relationship was barely hanging on by a thread and now her sweet bard would maybe never sing again. And it was all her fault. Knowing that Selena would be well cared for by her family and the tribe, Gnaomi left the Gnorth that very night. She was still covered in blood from the wolf, and from her wife.

Gnaomi’s travels were grim for a while. She drank too much, she purposefully put herself in harms way, she didn’t bother to take care of herself. When she got to Autumn, most avoided her, if only because she stunk so badly. She had never washed away the blood of her beloved.

Things happened, seasons changed, I’d like to give myself story freedom so I won’t box myself in by saying what happened here. But eventually Gnaomi washed. She stopped drinking when sad and now just drank for fun or boredom, which basically made her sober in Barbarian Gnome terms.

When Gnaomi decided to look for work, she found it in a seemingly unlikely place. A perfect place for her heart. She took on work as a nanny and bodyguard for aristocratic children; Pippatha and Jimothy. Because she was childsized and looked like a heavily muscled milkmaid, Gnaomi could dress like a child and kind of blend in. At least long enough to lull an enemy into a false sense of security.

It was very difficult to convince her to remove her traditional Gnome helm and the big metal spike sometimes gave her away. But as Gnaomi argued, “Sometimes kids just wear stupid shit. I mean c’mon, look at this stupid getup Pippatha is wearing right now. And don’t get my started on Jimothy.”


Gnaomi felt content with this family and truly cared for the children. She beat up all their school bullies even though they should really be beating them up themselves. Gnaomi’s just an old softie that way.

However, one day the parents swept in, babbling about the end of the world and there just wasn’t enough money for the pet Gnome but she’d sort herself out, she was tough. She never saw the family again, and heard they had teleport-ed out of Autumn, something that only the obscenely wealthy can do. They always did have more money than sense, in Gnaomi’s opinion. They were right though; she was tough and she’d sort herself out.

That was how she met the other Defenders of Autumn; in a pub, getting toasted and feeling at a bit of a loose end.

Now that loose end has been tied by this tiny little tribe of weirdos she’s joined up with. They spend their time on weird adventures but the main thing is; Gnaomi gets to hit things.

Gnaomi likes hitting things.



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