Defenders of Autumn

Rolling Thunder

Surely none of this is related

Blue’s smoking hand held the Archmage’s Wand of Memory. Apparently it was pointing at something Blue had missed, its painful heat’s glow revealing the flow of magics about the tomb.

It was flowing down and out, like water down a drain, of water were a glowing blue mist moving about in the air not at all like vapor would. Almost alive, one might say, but being pulled down and through the crack nonetheless.

This was why such an ancient and powerful lord’s defenses were so reduced — something had been leeching its power away.

Desperate to find where the power was and what it was being used for, the party checked the crack by tying Gnaomi’s Nanny’s Eye Ring to a string and used it to see deeper. It widened out into a sloping passage. They excavated the crack and headed down together.

The passage widened into a deep underground chamber with another, larger passage at the back. In the center was a ring of rock and ash containing six glowing skeletons of what appeared to be (to those educated enough) dragon hatchlings.

As they approached, the hatchlings stirred, then pulled themselves upright and lurched towards the heroes.

After a difficult battle that included both Gnaomi and Mur ending up face-down (temporarily, in Mur’s case), the party made their way out, hearing a great rumbling in the distance. Peering toward it they saw a great white dragon take to the sky and fly away.

They returned to their posts, satisfied they’d done their jobs, held it for the next few days, and were, as promised, relieved by the former guard later.

GM Note: This is actually the “end” of the previous “adventure”. Then we began the next, below.

When our party returned to Autumn, they met Sheriff Autumn for the first time in a mysterious meeting at the town’s edge at twilight. He let them know nefarious forces would be looking for them after their destruction of the skeletal hatchlings. Until he had more information he had set them up a safehouse to use — a privately owned and used floor with several rooms, located above a general store a few blocks from The Grinning Oaf.

After a few day’s rest, Deputy Gwin contacted the party with information on some secret society that was preparing a ritual to track them down. How the Sheriff came about this information was unknown, but they had a few leads.

During their investigation they encountered the town’s Church of Normon, (of current-day saints), who were weird but helpful, and followed cultists through a hedge maze to a secret meeting room under a statue. They easily knocked out the guards out front, and Blue Mort put on cultist’s robe, using them to surprise the cultists inside before murdering them all.

After dispatching the cultists (and a noxious Ooze From Another Realm they had summoned) they pulled back a large curtain covering a wall to reveal a huge painting of Malastraza, the town’s Mausoleum Dragon!


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